In keeping with our mission to provide you with the highest level of drug-free powerlifting experience, NORCAL POWERLIFTING will honor USAPL AND AAU memberships. We feel that this program will benefit the drug-free lifting base while allowing us to achieve our goals to take drug free powerlifting to the next level.

If you hold membership with another drug-free powerlifting federation such as USAPL or AAU, we will honor your membership at NORCAL POWERLIFTING!

Welcome USAPL/AAU lifters!

Membership Has Its Perks


The importance of differentiating between processes and outcomes.

An outcome is a result.  In lifting lingo it is hitting a “PR”, or getting "white lights" on a lift. It may also be negative: going 3-9, bombing out in a meet, or not making weight. There is never growth in an outcome alone; it's just something that happens after all the work is done. Unfortunately, many lifters, particularly the young ones are often bitten by the “results bug” and devote too much time and energy toward hitting that “PR” instead of celebrating the processes that got them to that end (good or bad). Part of NORCAL POWERLIFTING's philosophy is to turn the lens toward the process.

Becoming a member of NORCAL POWERLIFTING is more than simply joining a great organization. It is an opportunity to be part of a supportive community, drug-free lifters and knowledgeable staff who make our organization feel like home. We strive to create a safe environment for lifters of all ages and all abilities to learn, grow, improve and enjoy the sport of drug-free powerlifting.

We are  listening, and we value our members’ loyalty. Without you we would not be able to grow and offer new and exciting services and features. Every day we ask ourselves what we can do to serve our members.

Membership at NORCAL POWERLIFTING has some great perks. 

As a member of NORCAL POWERLIFTING you are entitled to:

  • Unlimited access to Club membership
  • Free assessment upon new or renewal membership at NORCAL POWERLIFTING'S  affiliate gym, Raw Sports Performance
  • Further your knowledge with our National Strength and Conditioning certified coaches

Thank you for your interest in joining NORCAL POWERLIFTING team.

Outcome vs. Processes


  • NORCAL POWERLIFTING offers education for lifters with clinics throughout the year.
  • Clinics give you the opportunity to put your passion into action, grow wings and take your training to the next level! Join us at one of our clinics to expand your knowledge and meet like minded drug-free powerlifters.
  • Clinics offer access to our unmatched 25 years of experience testing evidence-based theories as well as the latest in strength and conditioning trends and best practices. 

               * Upcoming Scheduled Club Session:


Space is limited. Please RSVP by emailing to assure your spot.


*Complimentary to current NORCAL POWERLIFTING members.