We started over 5 years ago with the inaugural NORCAL POWERLIFTING’s “I Powerlift Like a Girl” in Walnut Creek, and now NORCAL POWERLIFTING is expanding that vision to bring the inspiration and camaraderie to Bend, Oregon.

The Oregon series kicks off in June 2019 in Bend, Oregon with NORCAL POWERLIFTING’s “I Powerlift Like a Girl” theme event.  Yes, we will be celebrating “strong women” twice in 2019. In California and Oregon.

Membership Has Its Perks


Welcome USPA/USAPL/AAU lifters!

LGBTQ rights are human rights.

People should not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We’re honored to welcome and officially add a LGBTQ division in NORCAL POWERLIFTING federation. Powerlifting should be accessible to everyone. It’s one of our core beliefs. And it’s the reason why we design our rules for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. So everyone has the opportunity to be compete.


In keeping with our mission to provide you with the highest level of drug-free powerlifting experience, NORCAL POWERLIFTING will honor USPA (Drug Free division only) USAPL AND AAU memberships. We feel that this program will benefit the drug-free lifting base while allowing us to achieve our goals to take drug free powerlifting to the next level.

If you hold memberships with USPA (Drug Free Division only), USAPL or AAU, we will honor your membership at NORCAL POWERLIFTING!

​So yes, you can compete in a NorCal Powerlifting event without a membership. The entry cost for a non-member athlete participation is $110.

Becoming a member of NORCAL POWERLIFTING is more than simply joining a great organization. It is an opportunity to be part of a supportive community of drug-free lifters and knowledgeable staff who make our organization feel like home. We strive to create a safe environment for lifters of all ages and all abilities to learn, grow, improve and enjoy the sport of drug-free powerlifting.

We believe a welcoming powerlifting community is important not just for lifters, but for the general public. So we created a Diverse set of guidelines, which are rules centered around shared interests and beliefs. The NORCAL POWERLIFTING federation welcomes those who are members, their families, and any person who wants to support and learn more about powerlifting.